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VERSO Presents Rod Bergeron


Rod Bergeron: CUPVILLE
OCAD 2014 Sculpture/Installation Thesis Exhibitions Series
between zero and one

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 22 from 3 – 6 pm
March 20 – March 30, 2014

Artist Statement 

I have never really seen myself as an environmentalist but I see how that label can be attached to much of my work.

I am interested in creating assemblages by recycling and re-purposing materials. My current project involves using a common cultural cast off, the Tim Hortons’ cup. I have taken apart and reworked the cups into buildings and houses. It is my expectation that this project will inspire us all to do better with what we have. There is a finite amount of land and resources and we can and should make the most of them.

CUPVILLE, uses the best urban land use practices from around the world and incorporates them into one unified piece. The project represents six blocks of an urban community. I want to address our over use of natural resources, the constant disregard for our environment, both natural and built, and the restructuring of society. It is my expectation that we see ourselves in this piece; we examine our role in where we live and question how we engage in our environment.

Image: Rod Bergeron, CUPVILLE. 2014. Tim Hortons’ cups, wire, white tissue paper, black foamcore.

VERSO Presents Rachel Zinman

Rachel Zinman Art Piece Verso v2

OCAD Sculpture/Installation Thesis Series
between zero and one

Rachel Zinman
Exploring the Human-Termite Connection.
March 6-16, 2014
Opening: Saturday, March 8 from 3-6 pm
Artist Statement

I have always been interested in natural systems. My work often reflects my interests in naturally occurring geometry and architecture created by insects.

Insects like bees, wasps, termites, and ants, particularly fascinate me. Their social functions and nest/hive building were what really caught my interest initially. I have often been surrounded by many of these insects in my time tending my vegetable garden. Being in contact with these interesting, complicated and necessary creatures is what made me start making sculptural work on organic architecture.

Image: Mounds, 2014, 64 x 45”. Chicken wire, plaster, wood chips, and internal  lighting.

Family Dynamics: Show Extended to Feb. 23

LH-My back hurtsLH-Queen for a day

Show EXTENDED until FEB. 23

Family Dynamics
New Sculpture by Libby Hague
A family of sculpture meets for an annual birthday party.

1. My back hurts (I hate dancing) (let me see those hands) (don’t make a spectacle of yourself), 2013. 
Papier-mache, ball, beads, paper (fascinator), woodcut, upholstery nails, cord.
2. Queen for a day, 2013. 
Wooden spine, woodcuts, rope, hooks, tiny copper nails, party apron.

There’s a Swinger at the birthday party!

LH- swinger


Sculpture by Libby Hague at VERSO until Feb. 9.
Image: Swinger (will there be dancing?)

VERSO Presents Libby Hague


Family Dynamics
New Sculpture by Libby Hague
A family of sculpture meets for an annual birthday party.

January 18 – February 9, 2014
Opening Saturday, January 18 – 4-6 pm.
Image: Big head: big heart: the happy child.
Papier maché, woodcut, upholstery tacks, fancy apron, hammered copper, rope, hairnets, Irish beach treasure, painted wood, fishing nets, jewelry, gravity.

Felices Fiestas


Just in time for the holidays, a unique collection of
vintage lithographs and wall charts from Argentina, UK
and USA. December 14-January 12, 2014.

Happy Holidays and Stay Warm!
Julie & Kate

Closing Party: Nathan Eugene Carson

Nathan Opening_4

All Things Are True
Portraits by Nathan Eugene Carson

Join Nathan and friends for cookies and apple cider
this Sunday from 2-4 pm  at VERSO Gallery
(behind INabstracto).

VERSO Presents Katie Kehoe

Kehoe_FNL_1 (1)

Revolutions (AND)
Drawings by Katie Kehoe
October 17-November 17, 2013
Opening: October 17, 6-9 p.m.

In this series of drawings, Katie treats the circular form as an organization of halves and parts composed of hand written repetitions of the word ‘AND’. The design of repetition combines the non-stop, all covering style that characterizes her early work with generative patterns inspired by Stephen Wolfram’s theory of Cellular Automata (a method of visualizing math wherein repeated applications of a rule reveal a pattern) and her impulse to break down these generative formations to imply randomness.

Using ‘AND’ as a mode of expression as well as a structural tool, Katie creates work that is at once formal and conceptual.

Join the Facebook Event here.

Image: Revolutions 1V (AND), Katie Kehoe, 2013. Graphite on paper, 30″ x 44″.


Introducing VERSO Gallery
VERSO is a new gallery in the heart of Queen street’s West end, situated between
The Drake and Gladstone Hotels. Nestled behind mid century design haven,
INabstracto, VERSO will exhibit a diverse range of design, drawing, sculpture,
painting, video/film and photography.

CURRENT EXHIBITION (until October 13)
36 Hours in Uruguay & Berlin Street Art
Photography by Julie Jenkinson

Jenkinson’s exhibit moves from documentation of Berlin Street art to her nuanced photo documentation of urban surfaces in Uruguay. Jenkinson’s original fascination with Berlin graffiti has evolved into a record of city surfaces that organically erode and accrue meaning. As such, they become a deeper study of how urban environments and visual signs are formed by a city and its residents over the passing of time, forming entirely new connections and resonances.

All Things Are True
New Portraits by Nathan Eugene Carson
November 20th – December 4th, 2013
Opening November 21st, 6pm-8pm.

Family Dynamics
New Sculpture by Libby Hague
A family of sculpture meets for an annual birthday party.
January 1- February. 8, 2014
Opening Saturday, January 18 – 4-6 pm.

OCAD’s Sculpture/Installation Program, Thesis Exhibition Series:
March, 2014