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VERSO Presents Katie Kehoe

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Revolutions (AND)
Drawings by Katie Kehoe
October 17-November 17, 2013
Opening: October 17, 6-9 p.m.

In this series of drawings, Katie treats the circular form as an organization of halves and parts composed of hand written repetitions of the word ‘AND’. The design of repetition combines the non-stop, all covering style that characterizes her early work with generative patterns inspired by Stephen Wolfram’s theory of Cellular Automata (a method of visualizing math wherein repeated applications of a rule reveal a pattern) and her impulse to break down these generative formations to imply randomness.

Using ‘AND’ as a mode of expression as well as a structural tool, Katie creates work that is at once formal and conceptual.

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Image: Revolutions 1V (AND), Katie Kehoe, 2013. Graphite on paper, 30″ x 44″.


Introducing VERSO Gallery
VERSO is a new gallery in the heart of Queen street’s West end, situated between
The Drake and Gladstone Hotels. Nestled behind mid century design haven,
INabstracto, VERSO will exhibit a diverse range of design, drawing, sculpture,
painting, video/film and photography.

CURRENT EXHIBITION (until October 13)
36 Hours in Uruguay & Berlin Street Art
Photography by Julie Jenkinson

Jenkinson’s exhibit moves from documentation of Berlin Street art to her nuanced photo documentation of urban surfaces in Uruguay. Jenkinson’s original fascination with Berlin graffiti has evolved into a record of city surfaces that organically erode and accrue meaning. As such, they become a deeper study of how urban environments and visual signs are formed by a city and its residents over the passing of time, forming entirely new connections and resonances.

All Things Are True
New Portraits by Nathan Eugene Carson
November 20th – December 4th, 2013
Opening November 21st, 6pm-8pm.

Family Dynamics
New Sculpture by Libby Hague
A family of sculpture meets for an annual birthday party.
January 1- February. 8, 2014
Opening Saturday, January 18 – 4-6 pm.

OCAD’s Sculpture/Installation Program, Thesis Exhibition Series:
March, 2014