It Starts Out Rough, Sculpture by Julie Jenkinson

January 16 – February 2, 2020                 
Opening: January 16 from 6-8

The enigmatic sculptures of Julie Jenkinson start with a simple material premise: a factory mould, the action of a piano, the discarded arm of a doll. Juxtaposed by her knowing hand and eye, however, these elements morph into objects that radiate an uncanny ambiguity. Straddling the line between organic and mechanical, representational and abstract, these constructions are also fanciful: the boats look ready to set sail, and the doll assemblages have a muted theatrical flair. They also delve into the mysteries of repetition, demonstrating how singular elements can be reiterated in order to create bold new forms of visual logic. — David Jager

Julie Jenkinson is a British-born, self-taught multidisciplinary artist and designer living in Toronto.

Image: Jenkinson’s studio, 2019.

Proud to be part of DesignTO 2020.

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