VERSO Presents Nathan Eugene Carson


All Things Are True
New Portraits by Nathan Eugene Carson

November 20th – December 8th, 2013
Opening November 21st, 6pm-8pm.

Beauty is imperfect. Flaws make one curious and less comfortable. This is truth. Nathan can draw a perfect portrait. He is trained to do so. But we are not perfect. It is indeed more interesting when the alternative is allowed to surface.  A child can play in a puddle for hours. It is messy. It is wet. There is likely no sunshine. But it makes her happy. Something so simple that nature created. Nostalgia brings us back and her smile sets us at ease. And this is true. All things are true… xo

Nathan Eugene Carson is an emerging artist living in Hamilton.

Garçon, Nathan Eugene Carson, 2013. Mixed media, 9×12 in.
Forgive Them Father, Nathan Eugene Carson, 2013. Mixed media, 9×12 in.

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