LUPO_Belly is The Rule



Interactive Performance and Installation
Opening: Saturday, October 24 from 3-5

Exhibition Dates: October 24-November 8

THE BELLY IS THE RULE is an interactive performance and installation by Max Lupo, in which he attempts to solve a number of essential human dilemmas, with these things that he made for you.

Max has created a range of devices, inventions, and benign machinations, all of which are activated by the viewer’s participation. Together the viewer and artist will find that what the objects purport to do is both a very real reality, and an obvious sham.

Artist Statement
In my most recent work I become both inventor, and manipulator. The devices I create present themselves as an object waiting to be touched, and it is through the user’s interaction that the true character of each device is revealed. The power of the objects reside in their ability to engage with the viewers on both a tactile and conceptual level.

The objects may attempt to offer a concrete solution for some deleterious human ailment, or perhaps they are simply a lightning rod for irony. In either case, the objects are created to be reactive to the user, in a way that allows them to reveal truths about themselves, the user, and I –all at once.

Max Lupo is an emerging artist who is currently attending the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Arts Media and Design program at OCAD University. Over the course of his undergraduate education Max focused on printmaking, and new media sculpture. These days, Max works to develop a range of interesting inventions which are used in his performative installations.

Max has actively sought out many exhibition opportunities, including solo exhibitions in Georgian College’s Campus Gallery, as well as VERSO Gallery, on Toronto’s Queen Street West. Additionally, he remains engaged in his local art community by founding Art in House, a community art gallery in Barrie, Ontario.

Photograph by Max Lupo, Ferris Wheel, 2014

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